EUROPE – Policy Statement and Operating Guidelines are a Agreed at Inaugural Meeting December 11 and 12, 2002, Modified at Meeting Autumn 2003 November 5 and 6, 2003 


Policy Statement:


The purpose of this association is to serve only as a forum for the discussion of safety related to vehicle testing. 

Approved membership is limited to vehicle testing organizations with proving grounds. 

It is not the intention of the association to develop or set standards, but to collectively share possible solutions to safety related issues. 

All information collected, submitted or discussed shall be proprietary to association membership. 

It is a non-profit association with no joining or continued membership fees 


Operating Guidelines: 


Initial membership of the association will comprise those organizations willing to become members and which are directly represented by a person or persons present at the inaugural meeting 

Potential new members wishing to join after the inaugural meeting will require the unanimous agreement of the membership in place at that time. 

The representative of the host of the next meeting will automatically be the chairman for the time from the end of the current meeting to the end of the next meeting. 

The chairperson will be responsible to call the next meeting, prepare and issue the agenda for the meeting, preside over the meeting and give a short review of the meeting he presided. 

Meetings will be held at least once per year at a time and venue to be 

Agreed by the members together with a volunteer host who will be responsible for the logistics associated with the meeting. 

The meeting will be venue for identifying topics and presenters for the following meeting. 

The meeting will focus primarily on the presentation and discussion of safety issues of general interest to the members. 

Presenters will be free to choose the communication method to be employed. No material need be handed out unless the member organization responsible wishes to do so. No meeting minutes will be issued. Members representatives present at the meetings may take notes for use of their own organizations only. 

A standing agenda item for the meetings will be the review and approval of any proposed membership changes. 

The meeting will be the forum for the review and approval of any changes to the policy statement or the operating guidelines. 

The language to be used for association meetings will be decided by founding member representatives and incorporated in the operating guidelines. December 11, 2002 decision: English. 

Any issues requiring resolution by a vote will be decided by a one member one vote approach and a simple majority. 

Each meeting will be concluded with an assessment by participants of the “safety value added”, things gone right and things gone wrong (with proposals to repetitions). 

Member organizations will be responsible when participating in association meetings or any other association events. 

Any logistics costs incurred within the meeting venue will be met by the host organization unless agreed otherwise by participating members 

Association members will decide if and how relationships with other entities will be conducted (including information exchanges). 

Memo: Two such entities are known: 

  • The proving grounds group in Germany of which ATP and Bosch are members. 
  • The International Committee for Proving Ground Safety (ICPGS) based in the US. 


Policy Statement and Operating Guidelines Clarification 


The following clarifications were agreed by the 14 founding members on December 11, 2002 

  • Vehicle testing refers to vehicle testing on members proving grounds and elsewhere. 
  • References to safety apply only to test facility safety, test method safety and driving safety. They do not apply to vehicle design safety. 
  • Rainer Staron (ATP) was elected the first Chairman of the European Proving Grounds Safety Association. 
  • The language to be used for Association meetings will be English. This has been incorporated into the Operating Guidelines